DM-820音叉式在线密度计采用音叉振动频率衰减原理检测介质在线密度计,产品可以测量罐体或管道中大多数液体或流体密度,同时可经计算检测悬浮液固含量以及一些溶液的浓度等。 TRACETECH·全世科技采用一体化设计,内置温度补偿,同时输出温度;根据现场配置法兰、卡箍、螺纹等连接方式原位式安装;多点校准,符合国家标准,检测精度高,重复性好,可满足客户大多数情况测量要求;多种防腐材料适用严苛过程环境;安装灵活,可在管路、旁通或槽体储罐安装。DM-820 tuning fork type online density meter adopts tuning fork vibration frequency attenuation principle to detect medium online density. The product can measure the density of most liquids or fluids in tanks or pipelines, and can also calculate and detect the solid content of suspensions and the concentration of some solutions. TRACETECH adopts integrated design, built-in temperature compensation, and outputs temperature at the same time; according to the site configuration flange, clamp, thread and other connection methods in-situ installation; multi-point calibration, in line with national standards, high detection accuracy, excellent repeatability, it can meet the measurement requirements of most customers; a variety of anti-corrosion materials are suitable for harsh process environments; the installation is flexible and can be installed in pipelines, bypasses or tanks.

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